Our French Volunteers – soon the adventure starts!

Some impressions from the preparation seminar in Paris:

Together with our partner and sending organization C.I.E.U.X. a training was held to provide the volunteers an adequate preparation for their upcoming journey.

The volunteers got the chance to get to know each other before leaving to their volunteer experience. Additionally, they received information about Uganda, volunteering in a developing country, explanations about their projects and mission. A Skype Session to our Center in Namulanda gave them a first personal connection to our staff directly in Africa. Furthermore, the five young adults participated actively in workshops about activity planning, cultural diversities, personal expectations & possible challenges.

The Synagogue de la Roquette invited us for lunch, where Serge Benhaim shared his experiences with Israelis and his personal connection to Uganda.

We want to say thank you to all people who contributed their individual knowledge, personal story and motivation to these intense but wonderful days: Alexandre Vigne (CIEUX), Odile Vigne (CIEUX), Danielle Ferra et Sylvain Zenouda (CIEUX), Serge Benhaim (CIEUX), Jonathan Odeniran (Pastor of the Anglophone African Community), Isabelle Cerezo (Tmple Kagyo Dzong), Eldad Barber (BRIT-TEN Centers Director Uganda), Arnold Laureaux (Psychologist), Anne-Marie Berger (Former principal of a High School in Burkina Faso) and of course especially to our volunteers Charlotte, Camille, Benjamin, Felicien & Adrien!