BRIT began pioneering its approach, in 2016, by sending volunteers to the Uganda Volunteer Center in Namulanda in areas of education, public health, environment and the arts. The roots of the alliance base on Brit Olam and Inspiration Arts, who have been active in the region since 2005 and 2011, respectively, has led our volunteers to engage in public health campaigns, teaching assistance, and woman empowerment, for example. More over the success of our volunteers in the region has encouraged additional partnerships and has built a foundation for successive volunteers to follow.

The Uganda Volunteer center becomes BRIT-TEN Center

BRIT, together with Project TEN of the Jewish Agency, expanded the Uganda Volunteer Center to become the BRIT-TEN CENTER and opened its doors in September 2016. Located in the central region of Uganda between Kampala and Entebbe, the center accommodates young volunteers from Israel and all over the world. The volunteers focus on sustainable development and infrastructure work for communal activities in the fields of education, healthcare, environment, and the arts. The volunteers run healthcare projects in poverty-stricken neighborhoods in Kampala and work in elementary schools and kindergartens in nearby villages. A center director and project coordinators manage the BRIT-TEN Center, and are themselves yearlong volunteer.

Leading value of BRIT and thus the BRIT-TEN center, is basing our activity on local partners and organizations that are empowered by our presence and so makes the model sustainable and collaborative.


Different volunteer tracks in the BRIT-TEN Center



  • 3 months of volunteering (23.03.-15.06. / 26.06.-18.09. / 02.10.-25.12.)
  • A volunteer receives:
    • Accommodation, Meals & Security in the Center
    • Seminars & Courses by the coordinators (education, public health, environment & arts)
    • Pedagogical & social guidance by coordinators in the field
  • Expenses:
    • $15 per day, flight, visa, vaccinations, individual travelling
  • Placements:
    • Nazareth Child Care & Community Center
    • Madame Mary Primary School
    • Little Light
    • Come True
    • People Concern Children’s Project
    • Community based projects – environment, public health, art and craft


  • BRIT is interested in provide the opportunity to volunteer in the Center in Uganda also to Europeans
  • The partnership with C.I.E.U.X. enables French young adults the performance of their Civic Service in Uganda
  • Placements:
    • Nazareth Child Care and Community Center
    • Little Lights
    • People Concern Children’s Project


  • Academic programs have a high priority for BRIT
  • Collaborations with Ben Gurion University and Tel Aviv University enable students to gain a practical and unique volunteer experience in their field
  • Local collaborations with Makarere University and NIAAD provide cultural exchanges and discussions with Ugandan students and teachers


  • BRIT wants to support young social entrepreneurs in Uganda and also from all over the world
  • Interested young entrepreneurs can contact BRIT for clarifying their goals and project ideas to create an individual volunteer experience in Uganda
  • Professional support is provided by BRIT & local partners