About BRIT

BRIT aims to establish Israeli capacity building and volunteer centers in under-industrialized societies. Our objective is to develop comprehensive volunteer services for those countries where our volunteers originate from and for volunteer centers in countries where BRIT is engaged. The strategy of BRIT is to build centers that will act as platforms within which, and through which, volunteers and voluntary organizations, enhance and share their strengths, experience and knowledge in the fields of volunteerism, capacity building and civil engagement.

BRIT is an alliance between the NGO’s Brit Olam, The Israeli Volunteer Association, Inspiration Arts for Humanity, Israel Global Initiative (IGI) and Tag. BRIT began pioneering its approach, in 2016, by sending volunteers to the Uganda Volunteer Center in Namulanda in areas of education, public health, environment and the arts. The roots of the alliance base on Brit Olam and Inspiration Arts, who have been active in the region since 2005 and 2011, respectively, has led our volunteers to engage in public health campaigns, teaching assistance, and woman empowerment, for example. More over the success of our volunteers in the region has encouraged additional partnerships and has built a foundation for successive volunteers to follow.

More about the different organizations of BRIT

Brit Olam

Brit Olam – International Volunteering and Development was established in 2005 by a group of Israelis who believed Israeli society needed to actualize the values of Tikkun Olam. Brit Olam views volunteerism and active citizenship as an essential condition for the existence of an Israeli society based on justice, involvement, solidarity and sensitivity. As such, Brit Olam works towards incorporating volunteers in humanitarian work in developing countries and in developing sustainable communal and regional projects. This is done in collaboration with local development organizations, business partners and international development agencies active in the various target communities. For more information about Brit Olam, visit their website. http://www.britolam.org

Inspiration – Arts for Humanity

Inspiration – Art, Leadership, Social Change was established in 2011 and deals with developing and training artists as entrepreneurs and social activists leading change. Based on an understanding of the leveraging power of the arts, as a platform and a path towards social change, the goal of Inspiration is to endow artists with the knowledge, training and tools to enable them to translate their abilities into activities that can have a measurable impact on the social needs in Israel and across the world. Inspiration is based on a triangular model of knowledge, education and practice, and is working towards establishing an institutional academic infrastructure. Visit Inspiration Arts for Humanity’s website for more information. http://www.inspirationarts.org

The Israeli Volunteer Association

The Israeli Volunteer Association (VA) is the oldest and largest voluntary association in Israel,operating in the last forty years in all sectors and populations in Israel. The Association is founded on the belief in volunteering as a means of creating social change and establishing a better future for all of Israel’s citizens. The volunteer work strives towards bridging socio-economic rifts and provides a springboard for weakened populations, decreasing discrimination and prejudice and in their stead, cultivating a society based on equality, tolerance and solidarity, with a shared identity and mission. As the leading organization in Israel, dealing holistically with voluntary service and the development of a system-wide educational program for absorption, implementation and accompaniment of international volunteers, the VA has established international collaborations with parallel organizations across the world (France, Germany and Italy, among others). For more information about the Israeli Volunteer Association, visit their website. http://www.volunteer-il.org/about

Israeli Global Initiative

Israel Global Initiative (IGI) believes that Israeli expertise can provide some of the answers that the developing world so needs. The project explores what the Israeli experience teaches about overcoming development challenges. A comprehensive book showcasing what Israel can uniquely offer the developing world will be produced, while it will combine serious scholarly analysis with more popular features that make the presentations accessible to a broad readership, including case studies, stories from the field, and practical lessons from experienced practitioners. Click on the following link to learn more about the Israeli Global Initiative. http://iginet.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/IGI-brochure-November-2015.pdf


Tag is an international development charity that deploys unique humanitarian expertise and proven social models to create sustainable solutions for developing countries. Tag shares expertise and builds capacities in developing countries around the world. Tag believes in the power of knowledge to change lives, and specializes in adapting proven expertise to new situations. Tag International Development shares the best of Israeli expertise with vulnerable communities, delivering sustainable, scalable and measurable impact, benefiting thousands of people over the past year alone. For more information about tag, visit their website. http://www.tagdevelopment.org